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Join forces with Women Strong today, and you’ll have access to a supportive fitness community, inspirational stories, workout routines, healthy recipes, and more. We are committed to helping you on your journey to becoming mentally and physically stronger.

By joining, you’ll be part of a fitness-inspired community and help us raise money for the Adaptive Training Foundation and its mission to empower those with physical disabilities through exercise and community.

Join forces with a community dedicated to fitness.

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Join forces with us today & help raise
money for the Adaptive Training Foundation.

Dymatize will be sponsoring a female athlete
to participate in the next
Adaptive Training Foundation class.
Join forces with us to support them in their mission.

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Our community is designed so that we can work together towards a physically and mentally stronger way of life. A community built from a foundation of unity, respect, inspiration, and empowerment. By joining, you will have access to healthy recipes, inspirational stories and workouts to help you get and stay inspired, motivated and strong so you can crush your goals.

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Erin Stern

Dymatize Athlete, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia Champion, Author (Bodybuilder's Kitchen, Train Like a Bodybuilder, MPower Your Life), Online Coach - FitU/Fit University, Speaker, Lifetime Natural Athlete, Former DI Jr All-American high jumper

Brooke Erickson

IFBB Figure Pro,
Personal Trainer,
Certified Nutrition Specialist,
Mother of 3

Sherika Holmes

Fitness Trainer, Sherika Fitness, Gym Owner in Memphis, Leader of Sherika Fitness Bombshells, community of women transforming their bodies and minds, Specializes in boxing fitness and women fitness training, PNBA Pro Bikini Competitior

Jessie Keller

Black Belt in Kenpo Karate,
Military K9 Handler (Combat),
Military Firefighter,
NPC Figure Competitor

Lexi Berriman

Police officer,
2nd degree black belt,
CrossFit Coach and Athlete,
3x Overall Figure competitor,
Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Taylor Gallagher

MMA Show Host,
IFBB Bikini Pro &
Fitness Trainer

Mariko Whyte

Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor

Jessica Buettner

Powerlifting Champion

Charlotte Oldburry

Realtor in Texas,
ACSM certified personal trainer,
Former NPC bikini competitor,
Married for 26 years, 3 daughters, 1 granddaughter

Luisa H. Lopera

Social communicator and journalist, Founder of Mi Balance Vital a lifestyle where body, mind and spirit converge to be happy and fight diseases, depression and sedentary lifestyle.

Sarah Bogue

International Bikini Competitor

Crystal Almeida

Police Officer,
Adaptive Training Foundation Athlete Class 17,
2019 Para Spartan Championship Contender,
2019 Theodore Roosevelt Award Recipient,
Dallas Police Department Metal of Valor & Police Shield award

Natalie Holland

Personal trainer,
Former college athlete,
Supplement store manager

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