ISO100 Bar

Typical amounts per serving

ISO100 Bar Flavor

Delicious. 20g of Protein. 3g of Sugar. 9g of Fiber. No Artificial Colors

Crush cravings, crush goals with ISO100 Protein Isolate Bars. This protein isolate bar gives you high-quality protein in a convenient, on-the-go, 2-piece bar. A delicious, creamy coating, combined with the decadence of a frosted brownie, helps you crush those cravings so you can snack without the guilt.

ISO100 Protein Isolate Bars

ISO100 Protein Isolate Bars are gluten free and banned substance tested for quality assurance. ISO100 does not amino spike, which means the 20 grams of protein are derived from intact protein sources. And because we’ve taken convenience to the next l evel, ISO100 Protein Isolate Bars come in two pieces—devour the entire bar now, or enjoy half now, half later.